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Expand your possibilities, now the IT services solution for your business is closer than ever.

Mexico is the doorway to Latin America, not only because the language and culture are similar, but also because of the knowledge and experience of Mexican Companies in this Market.

Tae has several alliances and partnerships with great IT Players:

  1. Oracle

  2. IBM

  3. HP

  4. StratITSphere

  1. Comsys

  2. Sieena

  3. GDH

  4. Votum Group


TAE, the Mexican IT Enterprise with major Accelerator potential in US”  - TechBA

TechBA is a Program designed to support top-tier Mexican companies in bringing their innovative technology, products and services to the U.S. and Global Markets.

TechBA Austin has established a partnership with worldwide recognized IC2 Institute at The University of Texas at Austin

We say that “TAE” is when IT makes Sense because:

  1. We envision IT as a Business Strategy component

  2. Our ultimate goal is to improve profitability for our clients

  3. We are committed to be part of our clients success

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  1. Evaluate Mexico as a country of choice for IT Services

  2. Subcontract Mexican specialists to remote support specific requirements